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In a Pinch is an action game played using a dual trackball sandwich controller where each mini trackball controls one end of a bar confined to a separate plane.

Your goal is to avoid all the obstacles that hurl towards you at different trajectories on the appropriate plane. Pinching the trackball buttons together will bring the ends towards each other but you will not be able to move until you let go.

Created for Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016.


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Hey thanks Sjors! It's that obvious huh? You're right, I'm going to redesign the casing so it accentuates the pinch aspect and also makes it more comfortable. Although to be fair, I was holding the camera and you can't really play it with one hand, need the other hand to hold it in place, so new version will have a bit of a prong. (ps - sent you an email, I'm at Indiecade if you wanna try this or the Infinitag Capsule!)

Looks a bit painful to control, but the controller itself is very original and cool looking!