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A two-player game of infinite tag viewed through an endless tunnel inside a capsule.

You view the action through a hole on either side of the capsule. A double sided little infinity mirror gives the perception of endless depth from either perspective. You control one of the LED's (either red or green) with a knob that allows you to move clockwise or counterclockwise. The flashing LED will be who is "it" and will need to "catch" the other player. At that point the other player becomes "it" and the game switches roles and continues ad infinitum.

Made for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2015 with the theme of "Multiple Realities".


Infinitag Capsule SOURCE.txt 5.8 kB


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so cool

Hi MathiO - cool project! Don't know how to contact you - (tip: share your contact data) so a comment will have to do. Would you be interesting in displaying this in Berlin? If so, give me a heads-up - sjors@gsc.berlin :)

Ah, super cool!


A video would have been great!

Along with source code and instruction perhaps? It would be really cool.


And done!